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For the ultimate convenience, select the Barrister’s Combination Gown.

Our tailors add to a Barrister's Gown false sleeves, false lapels and a

collar to create a single garment.

The combo is light weight and convenient to use.

This is a great choice for people who travel to out of town courts or anyone who enjoys the convenience of an all in one robe.

Especially for brief appearances in court, simply choose Barrister's Combination Gown with a Barrister’s Dickie and you can be ready for court with only two garments.

Women's Justice Liberty Gown

    • 9 button sleeve
    • Full-length sleeves

    • Shoulder ribbon

    • Closed Front
    • Dry Clean Only

    • Made in Canada


    SUPER 120 Australian Merino Wool:

    This fabric will give you ultimate comfort with a deep luxurious colour and feel. It is lighter weight than our other fabric with increased breathability and wrinkle resistance.

    100% Tropical Weight Wool :

    As a natural hollow fibre, 100% wool will breathe and absorb perspiration, allowing it to be released when you remove the garment. This increases the comfort of wearing your garment.

    Polyester & Wool 

    Polyester and Wool blends have some major benefits including moisture-wicking, better breathing, and more warmth.

    100% Polyester

    The fabric is durable, easy to take care of, and can look good in different colours, polyester may also feel warm or hot. That is because polyester can't breathe as well as natural fibres can.


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