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When you are in court and you want to be "noticed", select the traditional "Court Stripe" legal pant. Our clients have told us they like this fabric because it helps break up their appearance and keeps attention focused on them during orations.


We offer a custom fit at a regular price. We can tailor your court pants so that they fit the same as your favourite dress pants. This way, you'll know that you will be comfortable when you're in court.
Click then scroll down to be redirected to the Contact Information on our home page and e-mail us for our Pant Measuring Instructions Form. Using your favourite pants and these instructions, visit a local tailor. Follow the Instructions, complete the form on line or on your phone. Save the file under your last name and e-mail it back to us for a pair of great fitting pants.


Women Charcoal Pants with a Side Split Bottom

  • 100% Tropical Weight Court Stripe Wool :
    As a natural hollow fibre, 100% wool will breathe and absorb perspiration, allowing it to be released when you remove the garment. This increases the comfort of wearing your garment.

    SUPER 120 Australian Merino Wool:
    With a deep luxurious colour and feel, this fabric will give you  ultimate comfort. It is lighter weight than our other fabric with increased breathability and wrinkle resistance.

    Polyester Wool
    Polyester and Wool blend have some major benefits including moisture-wicking, better breathing, and more warmth.

    The fabric is durable, easy to take care of, and can look good in different colors, polyester may also feel warm or hot. That is because polyester can't breathe as well as natural fibers can.

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