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The waistcoat is the heart of a lawyer's legal regalia and needs to fit properly so that you can feel your best in the courtroom.


You can take the measurements yourself or request from us, detailed measuring instructions that can be used by your tailor. Send an e-mail to to request these instructions.


To choose a waist coat size, select the bust size closest to your actual bust measurement or the next size larger. Then select a waist size that closely matches your measured waist size or the next size larger.


You can choose either Regular or Tall Fit. The Tall Fit has a body that is 1” longer in the front and back. The Extra Tall has a body that is 2" longer in the front and back. You can select Tall Fit or Extra Tall Fit if your height is above 5” 10” or if you wear your pants lower on your waist.


Barister Waistcoat 100% Polyester

  • Polyester

    The fabric is durable, easy to take care of, and can look good in different colors, polyester may also feel warm or hot. That is because polyester can't breathe as well as natural fibers can.

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